It’s that day! Also, new Author on the page!

I’ll be in Maine by the end of the day and I’m super excited! My roommate, Nickie G, will be driving and I’m so happy because 1) I hate driving. 2) I hate driving in Atlanta.

Now, everyone please welcome one of my best friends and my roommate, Nickie G! I’d get her to type something right now but she’s in the process of making an introductory YouTube video. She really enjoys doing a lot of make-up tutorials and skin-care routines. I’ll set up a link to our YouTube channel in the About! We would have just made things easier and posted videos on here, but apparently I have to upgrade and I barely had the dough for this blog.


The YouTube channel is just going to be mostly her make-up tutorials with a dash or two of our vlogs. We’re honestly just having fun with this, so I apologize if I’m just blindsiding you with a change.

Anyways, I need to go brush my teeth and finish packing and maybe hurry Nickie G along since we are “supposed” to leave in about 10 minutes.

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Hi! I started this blog to give some college tips and talk about my anxiety and experiences. Recently, the blog has grown and we are currently adding some members with their own agendas to the page. We hope you enjoy what we post!

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