Different Notes

I know my posts haven’t been very “health and beauty” related (I promise I’m getting to that) but I just want to share my experiences more with you all and get to know some readers along the way.

Do any of you have uncommon pets? Cats, dogs, fish, and hamsters are all pretty common household pets. Right now I just own 2 gerbils that are on not-so-friendly-terms with each other (and hardly me but i’m trying to improve our relationship- I’m also a newer rodent owner so I would appreciate any tips) and I love them so much already. In the future I hope to have a duck or two. Comment and tell me what kind of pet(s) you have whether it be fluffy ferrets, lovable lizards, or attractive axolotls!

-Nickie G.

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5" 5 Pisces March 16, '98 Blood Type (?)

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