Go-To Mascara

Hey everyone, I’m back again with more go-to products! This time, at the end of the review I have 2 mascara reviews that aren’t exactly my go-to products.

First up: The Covergirl Star Wars Mascara

I found mine at a thrift store and paid less than a dollar for it so prices vary

This was released in 2015 with the new Star Wars episodes that came out. I don’t know when I got this, but I know it was well after the episodes were all released that I picked this up. A few years later I picked up some more for some close friends of mine that all enjoyed it when they tried it hanging out with me one day ( I know I know don’t chastise me about sharing eye products, when you’er with you’re friends you bend a lot of rules- well at least I do). If you want your lashes to still look natural but fuller and darker, this one’s for you! It doesn’t curl my lashes, sadly, but I still love how full they look and I just loved the formula with this. The wand is oddly shaped, but it’s easy to remove at the end of the day, and it doesn’t clump. Cover girl knows how to make good mascara and blush.

Next batter up: Maybelline Cat Eyes Colossal mascara

Prices vary for this between $5-$10

The wand for this helps curl my lashes a bit, since I’m too lazy to get a new lash curler, and is minimally clumpy. I love how feathered out and longer my lashes look with this formula, but I feel like it dries out quicker than my other products (tip: remember to never pump your mascara because it brings more air into the tube and dries out the product quicker!). Other than that, this performs well for the style I prefer for my lashes.

Lastly: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

The deluxe is about $13 and the full size is $25

This is my absolute favorite mascara! My lashes are so full and voluminous and I love the way they look. I never wear false lashes (I’ve been trying them out lately though) but this looks like I’m wearing falsies! I was never one to put on multiple layers of mascara (you know letting a layer dry and then putting on another coat and so on) so it makes me extremely happy that my lashes can look so great with a single layer.


Alright, time for the extras!

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

A lot of people will say this is a classic dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. For the most part, this is true. The wand is the same, my lashes look the same and the formula is similar. The downside? I hate that my lashes never actually dry down. There’s like a slight tackiness and after hours of wear they still never feel dry. At the end of the day when I’m ready to clean off my makeup, this takes FOR EVER to clean off. I can use makeup wipes, makeup cleanser, finish my entire night time skin care routine and I will never fully get this off of my lashes. I can also go a couple days after wearing this and I can still see and feel residue on my lashes from wearing this. Needless to say, this mascara is not in my top favorites or go-to’s- I very rarely wear this in a pinch if it happens to be around.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Deep Burgundy

Summer is almost over and Fall is right around the corner! Whenever I’m in a festive mood or want to switch up things a little this is another one of my go-to mascaras for the Fall! The leaves are sprinkling off trees and the wind is crisp and cold, which means it’s time to change up our makeup. All those rich earthy tones are well complimented with burgundy lashes. Try and change up your look a little bit, it’s still Summer so have fun in the sun with bright blue lashes! You’ll look more awake than ever.

-Nickie G.

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