Sad Story 1: Part 3

In case you missed it or can’t find it, Part 2 can be found here:

To recap, Part included the events of November to January and Part 2 contained events from March to May as there were no notable moments for February to be included.

Now Part 3 will contain the events from the end of May to present day as follows:

In May, I had to move out of my house and find somewhere new before the end of the month. My roommates then were not the best at keeping me up to date with and changes happening regarding the house. Evidently, the rent was scheduled to go up during the summer. One of my roommates (who has a complicated relationship with my other roommate- a story that may or may not come later as well) was mentioning she wanted to go back to attending our local university. Initially, she wanted to live on her own with her precious dog- Goose (the sweetest baby girl on this planet). She decided she wasn’t able to afford anything near by on her own (you haven’t seen high rent prices until you try to live next to a university in a well populated city) so she and our other roommate agreed to move somewhere together. All this was decided half-assed and last minute because it made it harder for me to figure out where I could live. I wouldn’t be able to afford the house on my own and searching for roommates interested in the place as a fruitless adventure. Lucky for me, a friend of mine near by was going to be attending a lineman school for 15 weeks and didn’t trust his roommate to watch his dogs (that other roommate wanted little to do with caring for them even though he liked having them around) so he split the rent of the room with me while he was away and then I split the utilities with the roommate left there. This was feasible for a while.It was almost the end of June now and he couldn’t decide if would have to repeat at his lineman school or not because he was having a difficult time academically (I hate math and seeing what he had to learn and figure out was a horrendous nightmare!). If he passed, he would return home and I would have to leave or he would immediately ship himself off to Cali for good work and I would stay and watch his dogs until he can take them with him to Cali. If he failed, students are granted the opportunity of a second chance without paying again and I would stay longer to care for the dogs.

At the beginning of July, I was in training to get my CDL to help drive the buses around our local univercity and my main duty would be with the maintenance crew to fuel them at night. I was having a grand time learning. Back at work in the alley, I asked off the 26-28th to be with a friend in Marietta for what turned out to be an amazing weekend. The week I was supposed to leave, I was scheduled for the weekend I would out of town. So, the day before my shift I called in and spoke to a manager because the GM was unavailable. I was given the O.K. by the manager and continued my merry way over to Marietta for a some much need time with a close friend and a kick ass party at her S/O’s. When I returned, I happened to head to my work place a few hours early to play in the arcade (there was a N. Switch up for grabs in one of the machines, how could I resist?? -I still haven’t won it, yet). One thing led to another as I happened to be talking with another manager, my name wasn’t on the schedule for next week and I was unable to log in to our scheduling system. Which resulted in panic and frantically calling my GM who refused to answer because he was on vacation but responded to another (which was the next day since I was supposed to be scheduled at 6 for Saturday) manager and told them to relay to me to come back on Sunday when he returns to talk to him in the office. He told me I was automatically terminated because I technically “abandoned my job” for 2 days for not calling or showing up. Regardless that I called a day prior so they would have time to call in someone else. It didn’t count evidently because I didn’t call in the day of. This sort of issue has never occurred before between my boss and I. I know him and a few of the other employees well and personally. My training supervisor suggested I could claim Unemployment from them and that a retired judge would mediate between us over the phone. I didn’t think I would have a strong case since I didn’t file my time off in our computer system to technically be approved by the company. Since I arrived at the company, the other employees told me to basically skip that and just write it on the dry-erase board in the office in front of the GM’s desk. This is how we continued to do things and never ran in to any issues. Whenever he did happen to schedule me, I reminded him at the beginning of the week and faced no issues. Usually when an employee is 15-20 minutes late, he calls them to check in. I called a day ahead and didn’t receive a call back. That has always been his same procedure/routine. But I won’t press for unemployment. After researching the company, other former employees made statements against the company as a whole that they will find any small mistake you made to make the unemployment process longer.

Finally, its the beginning of August and he passed his final exams and would be returning from his graduation on the 14th, to which I had to be moved out by. I had roughly 2 weeks alone to find a new living arrangement. I didn’t pass my CDL road test and came back when another classmate was taking it to re-test and failed again. I was told to come back with an appointment but the next available appointment is in mid-September and the bus driving company can’t keep me on the payroll that long for training… so I lost both of my jobs within a week of each other. I was lucky enough to be taken in by a friend and now live with her and share this blog. I had a job interview last week and am waiting for a follow up after the managers return from a conference, I had a job interview today and just put in an application to another place of business I like where I have some friends working. So hopefully things will start to turn around. However, since I’m not in school, my mom told me months ahead of time that if I took a semester off, I would have to pay my own phone bill and car insurance. Which at first I didn’t mind since those are the only bills I didn’t pay before and I’ve been handling the majority of any physical and fiscal issues I run in to without her help. But this past Sunday she took my military dependent ID (once again I’m crying my eyes out in the car) to turn back in to the state or whoever and she’s well aware of my situation… I swear she believes I tried to get fired on purpose. I also don’t currently have cell service, and when I asked for help, all she needed to do was confirm the affidavit for Asurion (a shit-show phone replacement company thrown together) and I was going to pay the insurance deductible to get a replacement (which was all that needed to be paid) but she just said this would probably be a good opportunity to get a phone and plan in my name so I don’t have to worry about not being an authorized user on an account. I know that she had to start this eventually but I didn’t think she would do it so soon. But sometimes you need tough love and as a parent she has to stand firm on her decisions. I didn’t want to tell her about the situation but when I was on a call with her on my laptop she told me I could tell her whatever I have going on… which is a bit of lie. I’ve always avoided telling her most things because of the way she reacts to certain situations. I always have an idea of what she’ll say but try to hope I’m wrong and give her a chance once in a while. She always proves me wrong. Despite everything, I love my mom to death (she’s actually my step mom) and she is one of the kindest people in this world that I know (except for certain situations that involve my feelings or my current situation). Without her, I would have been consumed by all the negativity and hatred that has a hold of my dad and would have ended up a completely different person without her guidance, love, and support. This just isn’t the best spotlight moment for her.

This concludes part 3 and you are now all mostly up to date with my life.

-Nickie G.

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