Tip #6 Fandom related items

A fun thing to try out, if you’re into a particular fandom, is to add fandom related items to yourself before embarking on your first day. Whether it be a t-shirt or a pin on your backpack- I did both- it can help you out!

I used this trick on my first day of freshman year and made several new friends! Technically, what happened was a student talked with me about something or other and he helped me find the geek group in the cafeteria. A few of them commented on my Kingdom Hearts shirt and anime-related pins that I’d bought at conventions. Granted, you don’t want to solidify a friendship based on the two of you loving similar things, but it doesn’t hurt to attempt this.

Published by iffybiffy

Hi! I started this blog to give some college tips and talk about my anxiety and experiences. Recently, the blog has grown and we are currently adding some members with their own agendas to the page. We hope you enjoy what we post!

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