Making a BIG Change!

I should probably mention that I’ve always been really sensitive about my weight and had trouble eating during high school. I didn’t have some kind of severe eating disorder, but I would more often skip meals or just eat very small portions of food in front of certain people so they wouldn’t question me. I got my weight to stay between 135 and 145 but always felt that I looked pudgy n o matter what. In middle school and part of high school, I wore a sweatshirt ALL year round. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I wore my sweatshirts during BAND CAMP which was in the middle of the summer. I just wore shorts and rolled up my sleeves if I felt a little too hot. I live in a place where it gets too over 100 degrees during the summer (Welcome to the South).

Well, when I reached college, the “freshman 15” hit me hard and I reached 180-190 very quickly. As of right now, I am currently 214 or more (I havent stepped on a scale in a few weeks since I saw 214). It’s 2019 and a lot of people have been trying accept being overweight and loving their bodies. My self-love journey is still going on but I’ve been more comfortable with my weight, until last night. I happened to look in the mirror at my stomach and noticed brand new stretch marks that weren’t there just a few days ago. I hate my stretch marks an I don’t want anymore. So now I’ve finally decided to get genuinely serious about weight lss and getting back to a healthy weight. I’m back from GA now, I’m gonna fill up my gas tank and really hit the gym harder than before and really watch HOW MUCH and WHAT I eat and do my best (given my current fiscal situation) to eat healthier. My true fitness journey begins now!

-Nickie G.

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