More Progress!

I know it’s only been 2 days, but I’m proud of myself for all the little achievements I’ve made:

+ I probably didn’t have the best breakfast I could, but I ate a bunch of grapes and I filled a bottle with coffee and took it with me to the gym.

+ I spent time at the gym today (I haven’t been since Tiff and I went- you can ready that entry here: ) and pushed myself harder. I worked on my legs, back and shoulders, and my core.

-I got through 2 sets of sits ups! Tiff can vouch for me that I struggled just finishing a single set. I still struggled today to get through the first set, but it also went better than usual and then I pushed myself to do a second set!

+ I’m a picky-ish eater and used to HATE salads (the smell of Ranch used to make me gag and I still find it unappealing) but I discovered I really like chicken Caesar salads and Caesar dressing so I made chicken salad with Caesar dressing and blended in finely chopped lettuce and spinach.

They’re very small goals, but I’m really happy with them even if no one else thinks those little achievements mean anything. They’re my personal goals and I’m getting better.

(I’m also trying on a different concealer that was my mom’s that she never uses so a review on that later)

-Nickie G.

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