Who’s ready for “Sweater Weather?”

My boyfriend and I were just talking about how hot it is here in the south! The high, today, was at 96 degrees fahrenheit and he didn’t have a fan while he worked in the back of the store, so everyone reply F for his sake.

Winter is one of my favorite times because I get to wear longs sleeves and not be stared at like I’m trying to smuggle 10 cans of spaghettios underneath my sweater.

I also enjoy drinking hot beverages, so they’ll taste 1000x better in the cool air (the south doesn’t really get cold). I just hope all my hot cocoas will have extra marshmallows!

Published by iffybiffy

Hi! I started this blog to give some college tips and talk about my anxiety and experiences. Recently, the blog has grown and we are currently adding some members with their own agendas to the page. We hope you enjoy what we post!

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