Good news, sad news

I may not have ever been the biggest fan of my own father, but the grocery store he works at went bankrupt and will be closing in about 60 days. A cashier left and the store is in desperate need of another one (I know, a store closing wouldn’t want to hire more people, right? It’s weird.) but he vouched for me (a one time free pass I guess)and brought me an application. On the upside, I made/will have made an appointment with the manager so that the day I turn in my application I will also pass a drug test and she’ll let me work that same day I come in! Yay, a GUARANTEED job for at least 2 months! (Thanks dad?)

Sadly, its been almost a month and I still haven’t heard from Verizon Victra. The store had already finished remodeling but the DM was dealing with having to fire 2 managers from near by locations before he can show me around the store and interview me. The only other employee besides the GM there vouched for the GM since they both worked at Best Buy together and told me that if the GM said he’ll get me a job there, then he’ll do everything in his power and has always been one to stand by his word and be honest. If he says he’s going to do something, he does it. So why have I STILL not gotten the job after calling and emailing at least once or twice a week EVERY WEEK and being given the same answer? But I can’t sit around and wait for their reply. I need to buckle up, sit up, and get rollin’!

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