Japan Crate!

Hey guys! For those of you that don’t know, Japan Crate is a monthly subscription box that comes with all sorts of goodies straight from Japan! They used to be located in California, U.S. but they later transferred into Japan so they could get a hold of actual Japan exclusive items! I ordered their 5th year anniversary crate some time in the beginning of August (when money wasn’t an issue) and had it shipped here since I planned on miving in with Tiff. I also got my hands on the Doki Doki crate which comes with cutesy items. They have different kinds of crate such as the Umai crate which features noodle varieties, Kira Kira for beauty and skin care (how have I not tried this yet!?), Japan crate for ecluside snacks and drinks, and most recently the Gatcha crate that features collectible gachapons- which are little toys in capsules you can get in little vending machines just like the 25 cent candy machines in the U.S.

So here’s what I got in my 5th anniversary crate: A Pineapple Pepsi, mint choco mochi, apple gum with pikachu design, uni potato chips, mango & butter potato chips, koguma gummy (gummy bears), a mini butter cream rolled cake, cool cider mochi, metamol seal (small kids tattoos and ramune candy), red gaburichu (like an apple fruit roll up), hoshinokuni mitsuketa candy (it’s like rock candy), sour cider gummy, grape hi-chew chocoball, chocoball hi-chew, peach sour paper candy (another fruit roll up), super hyarrinko ice gum, and lastly electric gum (energy drink flavor). A whopping 17 items!

Sorry I couldn’t rotate the images but hopefully it isn’t too big of a problem!

Well, since I’m watching what I’m eating I won’t be inhaling this all in one go! Instead, I’ll just savor it through the month and I haven’t tried any of it just yet, Tiff is taking a nap before she goes and visits the little munchkin so I’ll wait for her to get up so she can try it with me!

-Nickie G.

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