Another Update

Well, I finally get to start my new job at the small town local grocery store tomorrow. Yay, now I can finally have a little money coming in. I am, however, very upset how the situation went with Victra. I told them over and over again that I would needed to be e-mailed since I live in an area with poor reception and that I currently don’t have cell service. Even if I did have cell service, in this area I have had such poor reception that I miss the majority of the calls I get and don’t get a notification about a voicemail if one was left. I don’t know if that’s just a problem with Samsung or not since it was a problem I had with 3 different phones depending on the area I was in. The only place in this house to call someone or vise versa is to be on the front porch or be in the living room.

The manager at Victra said it wouldn’t be a problem to e-mail me at all. But when I returned a day or so later, the district manager had told him that I need cell service so I could be called. He didn’t want to e-mail me because he receives a thousand e-mails a day so that would be difficult to comb through. But still, it shouldn’t have been offered as an option if you can’t follow through and you shouldn’t be so unreliable if you’re desperate for employees at your location right now. But despite all that, I still really want the job there because I know it would pay more.

Maybe I could try again later. I talked to my brother and he added me to his phone plan so hopefully I will have some sort of service this week. He offered to add me before when I visited him in March this year but I refused and while I was in high school he wanted to get me my first phone so we could stay better in contact with each other but my parents wouldn’t let him. But now I’m on his plan. While I’m working, I’m going to try and pay off the rest of my phone for my mom and try to pitch in for the plan with my brother (if he’ll let me). Is this what brothers are like? I didn’t get to grow up with mine and he started college by the time I was 5 so I have no idea what things are supposed to be like. But I guess things are good. We got along better than expected when we met earlier this year and I’m actually happy he plans on proposing to his girl friend. She’s a big improvement from the last one he had and I never even met her!

Well, that’s all I have for now to talk about. Comment below what your sibling relationship is like, leave some funny stories!

-Nickie G.

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