Bullet Journals!

*Note: Wow. I’m so sorry guys. I’m 2 days away from officially having gone 2 weeks without posting here. I’ve just been so exhausted. I only work 9-4 at my new job, but I’ve been unemployed for about a month and a half so working again is really taking a toll on me. I just don’t have nearly as much energy any more. *

Hey guys, long time no see! I hope everyone is having an alright or better day today. I know its been a while and I know I tweeted about posting a concealer review which is still under construction ATM (in other words, I lost it and don;t remember how I feel about it). Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, again I just haven’t had anything note-worthy to discuss with you all.

But, I would like to talk about bullet journals! I made one last year and now I’m on the kick again and currently working on a new one. Bullet journals are basically very personalized, colorful planners with mix and match pages of any habits you want to track, dreams you want to jot down, quotes you want scattered around, movie lists galore filled, or whatever else your heart desires. There’s no specific way to set up a bullet journal, you just make it how you want and its set up for each month. Maybe you want to draw a calendar in it and jot down appointments or other important dates. A bullet journal is basically the love child of a planner and a “Wreck-this-journal”. Its just for fun and to help organize things in your own creative way.

Below, I’ve posted a few pictures of my previous journal and while I didn’t fill even half the journal (I got so caught up in other stuff around me I lost track of it and didn’t keep up with it), I did fill a few more pages with notes from when I was working on my bus driving license (class C with passenger endorsement but because of a new deal with the company, next year all the drivers will be retesting for class B with passenger endorsement). I’ll continue to use this old journal for doodles/sketches and scrap paper or to jot down clues from puzzles or what have you. Am I the only one that sometimes likes to write down notes about other characters from a story line to figure out “who done it”? (COMMENT BELOW [please])

For my previous book, if any of the pages fell or or if the colors i was using bled through the page. I would clip some of my other sketches and glue them to the backs of different pages so there was less empty space. Since I was using markers, I could color on both sides of the pages because then it’ll get muddy. So this was just my way of filling the gaps. Then, I would design my schedule differently every week. Maybe I used the same design for a could weeks or change it up and make it fit on a single page instead of two. I also sketched in little habit trackers and chats too keep up with my tips and hours from a restaurant I worked at called Fusion.

A few pages from the old one:

My new journal:

This time I used colored pencils and makers. I haven’t completely filled/finished my calendar and I also started a page to use for Inktober.

-Over and out! Nickie G.

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