Going to the Atlanta Pride Parade in October!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend invited me to go with him and some friends to the Atlanta Pride Parade and I’m so excited to go! I’ve never been to one before and I’m already having trouble trying to find something good to wear! A few friends and I are going to get our nails done and just generally have a spa day together since we haven’t hung out out in a while, so I plan to have the usual rainbow nails and a little heart on both middle fingers. I’m not sure why on the middle finger but the idea of putting the hearts on any other finger just doesn’t sit right.

I haven’t been this excited to drive (technically I’m riding) a few hours away since Nickie G and another friend of mine went to Momocon a few years back. Can you tell I don’t get out very much?

I’ll be sure to post as many pictures as I can!

Doki Doki Crate review!

Hey guys! If you haven’t already read it, go check out my post about Japan Crate and go check out their official site here: https://www.japancrate.com

*This crate was also ordered in the beginning of August before my fiscal troubles ensued.

This month’s theme for the Doki Doki Crate is Back in Business! It’s packed with the cutest little items to help organize and kawaii-ify your necessities. Inside there is: a Sumikko Gurashi roll pen case, a Sumikko Gurashi travel watterbottle to stay hydrated, a Sanrio letter set (notepad and sticker pages), a “sweets” pen (the design I got has oranges on it), and a Rilakkuma pass case (to hold you work ID or bus pass)!

I will definitely be using the pen case and right now I’m using the adorable water bottle as I type this up. I can’t read the warning labels on the box if its safe for the bottle to go in the dishwasher, but I have a friend that can read Japanese that I’m waiting to here from so I will update this page later about the warning labels. Other than that, Japan is super serious about recycling and I was able to see a paper recyclable and plastic recyclable on the packaging for the bottle and the box it came in. The bottle also has a key chain hook so you can clip it to your belt buckle or backpack or what have you like I do.

As far as the Rilakkuma case is concerned, I don’t have a work ID or bus pass so I’ll be using it as a mini coin purse along with my Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword wallet case. It also has a hook clip on it to make it easier to travel with if I keep it clipped to something. It’ll also be a super cute accessory for me when I go to conventions like Dragon Con, Momo Con, and Kami Con. I could probably fit my Sailor moon wallet in it. I know, I know, it sounds like I have a bunch of wallets. I really don’t. The LoZ SS coin purse stays in my car for when I need extra change instead of my change being in the cup holder or scattered in the car and my Sailor Moon wallet is my main wallet for cash, debit cards, and IDs.

The Sanrio stationary set I’ll probaby use to leave Tiff notes. We’ve been doing that on and off lately. When she first go ther new job I would leave her notes to have a good day and that I love my bestie and she would return one that says thanks and ask how I slept. I’ve had a terrible sleep schedule the past week or so. The stickers I’ll be incorporating into a new surprise I have coming up for you guys!

Lastly, the pen I got has orange ink to make the design of oranges on it. So far it seems like a really good pen. I’ll probably give back Tiff’s pen and start using my new one on the daily.

All of these items were SUPER cute and I’m in love with all of! I’m so glad I made this purchase. For those of you wondering, no I cannot get a refund from Japan crate to get back my money to help my situation, Japan crate offers no refunds. They also don’t have tracking numbers to lower the total cost.

Over and out!

-Nickie G.

Japan Crate!

Hey guys! For those of you that don’t know, Japan Crate is a monthly subscription box that comes with all sorts of goodies straight from Japan! They used to be located in California, U.S. but they later transferred into Japan so they could get a hold of actual Japan exclusive items! I ordered their 5th year anniversary crate some time in the beginning of August (when money wasn’t an issue) and had it shipped here since I planned on miving in with Tiff. I also got my hands on the Doki Doki crate which comes with cutesy items. They have different kinds of crate such as the Umai crate which features noodle varieties, Kira Kira for beauty and skin care (how have I not tried this yet!?), Japan crate for ecluside snacks and drinks, and most recently the Gatcha crate that features collectible gachapons- which are little toys in capsules you can get in little vending machines just like the 25 cent candy machines in the U.S.

So here’s what I got in my 5th anniversary crate: A Pineapple Pepsi, mint choco mochi, apple gum with pikachu design, uni potato chips, mango & butter potato chips, koguma gummy (gummy bears), a mini butter cream rolled cake, cool cider mochi, metamol seal (small kids tattoos and ramune candy), red gaburichu (like an apple fruit roll up), hoshinokuni mitsuketa candy (it’s like rock candy), sour cider gummy, grape hi-chew chocoball, chocoball hi-chew, peach sour paper candy (another fruit roll up), super hyarrinko ice gum, and lastly electric gum (energy drink flavor). A whopping 17 items!

Sorry I couldn’t rotate the images but hopefully it isn’t too big of a problem!

Well, since I’m watching what I’m eating I won’t be inhaling this all in one go! Instead, I’ll just savor it through the month and I haven’t tried any of it just yet, Tiff is taking a nap before she goes and visits the little munchkin so I’ll wait for her to get up so she can try it with me!

-Nickie G.

Good news, sad news

I may not have ever been the biggest fan of my own father, but the grocery store he works at went bankrupt and will be closing in about 60 days. A cashier left and the store is in desperate need of another one (I know, a store closing wouldn’t want to hire more people, right? It’s weird.) but he vouched for me (a one time free pass I guess)and brought me an application. On the upside, I made/will have made an appointment with the manager so that the day I turn in my application I will also pass a drug test and she’ll let me work that same day I come in! Yay, a GUARANTEED job for at least 2 months! (Thanks dad?)

Sadly, its been almost a month and I still haven’t heard from Verizon Victra. The store had already finished remodeling but the DM was dealing with having to fire 2 managers from near by locations before he can show me around the store and interview me. The only other employee besides the GM there vouched for the GM since they both worked at Best Buy together and told me that if the GM said he’ll get me a job there, then he’ll do everything in his power and has always been one to stand by his word and be honest. If he says he’s going to do something, he does it. So why have I STILL not gotten the job after calling and emailing at least once or twice a week EVERY WEEK and being given the same answer? But I can’t sit around and wait for their reply. I need to buckle up, sit up, and get rollin’!

Things my Dad used to say

“DON’T SLAM THE DOOR!”-He yelled this because slamming the front door was causing it to break even more than it already was.

“Ha, I Bugs Bunnied/ Scooby Doo-ed you.” -He said this after he usually yes/no tricked us.

“I’m just saying is all.”

“I’m telling mom you said those two words.” –I don’t remember what those 2 words were, sadly.

“Tase’em! Tase’em!” –He watched a lot of COPS.

“Steve.” –He referred to the guy from Ghost Hunters. We had a feud about our favorite characters and mine was Tango.

“Ahhhhh.” –He made this noise frequently after a sip of black coffee.

“Hey, Barbie.” -My nickname that only he called me.

*Cursing* -He said this in any context but mostly when he was mad or making a joke.

“I need more coffee.” -He lived off that stuff.

“Wasn’t me.” -In context to him farting and then denying it.

“WAR EAGLE!” –He was an Auburn Football fan.

Budgeting over the years!

I wanted to make this post mainly so I could see how much I’ve changed, budgeting-wise, over the years. Also, I never liked the stigma over not talking about how much you make. If you have a problem with someone being paid more than you, 9/10 it’s usually because they have more experience. At least, that’s what I’ve noted in my few years of working.

So, I’ll start in 2016, when I got my first actual job. I started at a McDonalds that was just as much of a hell-hole as every other fast-food joint. I made minimum wage- $7.25/hr- and usually came home with about $500 every two weeks. Of course, none of these amounts are going to be exactly what I typed. Give or take a little. So, my budget would look something similar to this:


  • $70- Gas
  • $50- Phone bill (once a month purchase)
  • $100- Car insurance (once a month purchase)
  • $100- Groceries
  • $50/$100 roughly- Savings
  • $130/80 roughly- Free Spend

So with that, I had some nice spending money. The next job I had was from 2016 to 2018 (roughly) and was at a pub about 5 minutes from the community college I was attending. This one was exceptionally harder to plan for since I was still being paid minimum wage with less hours and my mom even helped by taking over my car insurance payments.

$100 +$30 give or take in tip outweekly

  • $50- Gas
  • $50- Phone bill (once a month purchase)
  • $20/$30-Groceries
  • $20- Planet Fitness (once a month purchase)

With this budgeting, it was a weekly thing to know whether or not I’d have any extra money and if I did, I barely spent it. I was so anxious that I would end up in the negative to not save it. I mean I had to be that way if I wanted to be able to afford things. This was also when I was hosting. I became a server a few months before I quit and things became more difficult to plan and budget since I didn’t know how much I’d be making each week. Anyway, I left that job and worked at a daycare where I was paid $8.25. My first time off of minimum wage! I’ve, since, refused to be paid less than $8. It was good timing that I got this job because not long after, I had to start paying for everything at the house since my mom moved in with my step-dad.

$600– bi-weekly

  • $35- Water bill (once a month purchase)
  • $60- Trash bill (once every 3 months purchase)
  • $87- Car Insurance (once a month purchase)
  • $10- Planet Fitness (once a month purchase)
  • $8- Hulu (once a month purchase)
  • $50- Phone bill (once a month purchase)
  • $50/$100- Groceries
  • $70- Gas
  • $100- Savings
  • Whatever is left over- Spend

So, with this many bills, I mainly just split them in half for each paycheck. My brother was also working at the time so he took the other bills I didn’t mention. Now, I’m the only one working and he’s burning through his savings trying to pay his share of the bills, but I still have just about all of them. After I left the daycare, I found my current job which is a Hotel/ Breakfast Attendant and I make $8.15 an hour. It’s only 10 cents less but I no longer get more than 30-ish hours a week. So, my paycheck is still lower.

$450/500– bi-weekly

  • $35- Water bill (once a month purchase)
  • $60- Trash bill (once every 3 months purchase)
  • $87- Car Insurance (once a month purchase)
  • $10- Planet Fitness (once a month purchase)
  • $8- Hulu (once a month purchase)
  • $50- Phone bill (once a month purchase)
  • $150- Electricity bill (once a month purchase)
  • $25/$50- Groceries
  • $70- Gas

And this one is a bit of a “rough sketch”. I’ve only worked enough for one full paycheck. I’m not 100% on how much I’m spending, so some of this is definitely give or take. I’m also unable to have any extra money since I’m putting aside a huge chunk for a hotel stay in December. It’ll take about a month or two for me to get my budgeting settled and I’m able to start putting money into my savings, again. It look pretty sad compared to last month.

Anyway, it’s pretty interesting to note the changes and sacrifices I’ve had to make over the years. There were some times where I could go grocery shopping with more than five items on my list, ha ha. I’m hoping things even out and I eventually stay on the B-Fast Attendant schedule since that would really open me up for a second job. Hell, I may even go back to the pub since I loved the co workers and environment so much. Only thing is, I need to find a good anxiety medication, first. There’s no way I can serve under these mental conditions.

Friendiversary and NERDtorch Cafe!

Yesterday, Nickie G and I went out for our unofficial Friendiversary of 10 years! We say unofficial because 1) it’s not technically our friendiversary date and 2) we only realized we’ve been friends for 10 years about halfway through dinner. For said dinner, we chose a pub I loved working at but hated the anxiety and $100 checks at the end of each week. I am still a member of the pub’s GroupMe so I looked to see who was working and got a coworker that I knew to be our server- not really, they were just next in rotation, ha- and he, of course, took great care of us. Since Nickie G is still trying to find a job, she put in an application there and I’m sure if she talks to the HM than she can get the ball rolling, although food service is pretty low on her list of places she wants to work. Let’s be honest, food service is draining for such little pay, especially if you anxiety. After eating and drinking (only a little, I’m broke-which is gonna come up in the next post) we needed to walk around a little bit because I wasn’t about to drive, even if I only had most of a single glass. The wine wasn’t up my alley but I had to at least drink most of it since I was paying for it.

On our little walk in the downtown area, we came across an amazing area hidden amongst the surrounding establishments that I’d forgotten about. It was the NERDtorch Cafe and I’d been there once with Monroe (who has been ill and dealing with piles of homework so she hasn’t been able to post) a couple years back. NERDtorch Cafe’s hours were pretty convenient with our arrival since they’d just opened up an hour or two before we got there. It was an easy decision to head in and we were immediately greeted by an adorable dog named Hime (pronounced HEE-MAY) and Nigel who is one of the owners of the place. I think it’s him and his wife, Leilani, that own it if I’m not mistaken. He remembered me from last time and offered to give us a tour which was nice because it had changed since the last time I was there. They had gaming rooms, a cosplay creation room, and even a live streaming room! NERDtorch Cafe even offered food that was incredibly delicious for super cheap! We would have saved some dough if we’d found this place first! Nickie G and I split a Double Hero burger that Leilani graciously cooked and even cut in half when she learned we planned to share it. The burger was so amazing that I was genuinely trying to convince myself to take money from my savings to afford another one! Nickie G convinced me otherwise, knowing how much money I’d already spent that day, ha ha. We stayed there, playing Pokemon: Let’s Go for a few hours and chatted with everyone there and just generally nerded out until about 9pm. At that point, I was exhausted and tired of being social so we headed home!

What a successful day, yesterday was! I forgot to mention, we also cleaned the house so I got to wake up to the house NOT smelling like a mixture of gross things. Woo!

Who’s ready for “Sweater Weather?”

My boyfriend and I were just talking about how hot it is here in the south! The high, today, was at 96 degrees fahrenheit and he didn’t have a fan while he worked in the back of the store, so everyone reply F for his sake.

Winter is one of my favorite times because I get to wear longs sleeves and not be stared at like I’m trying to smuggle 10 cans of spaghettios underneath my sweater.

I also enjoy drinking hot beverages, so they’ll taste 1000x better in the cool air (the south doesn’t really get cold). I just hope all my hot cocoas will have extra marshmallows!

I’m coming back.

I’ve mentally been who knows where and the feeling of normalcy and stability are returning.

I apologize about the few days I’ve been away. Things have been a bit hectic because my schedule keeps doing almost-180s. I’m training for a different position at work and the schedule is 4:30am-12pm whereas my original schedule was 8:30am-2:30pm-ish. On paper/screen, it doesn’t seem like such a wicked change but when you’re so used to not having to go to bed until late at night, things become different/difficult.

Money issues have also been alleviated for a bit. I’d be in a deep pit of shame if I hadn’t been saving money for college- to which I did not attend.

Speaking of college, I was looking at my bookshelf earlier which is also where I shoved the binder, notebook, planner, calculator, and pencil case I had in my backpack when I decided to not attend. Some friends I was messaging were telling me about school and my boyfriend is struggling with a long list of vocabulary that keeps growing and a former coworker that is attending the college I was planning to go to keeps posting awesome/cute photos of herself on campus and I’m just working. Not going to college. Academic Life on pause. I don’t even know what I really want to do outside of writing. And we all know why not everyone follows their dreams- it’s too damn expensive for little payoff.

My roommate just startled me by drinking out of her gatorade bottle. It has one of those twist tops on it and the noise just freaked me out for no reason. How dare you, bottle.

My Aphrodite is coming back! Hooray!

What else was I gonna update on? I think this was it. Oh, our power bill is really high this month. Someone please send winter in so we can stop having to use the AC!

Okay, I think that’s it. Bye, love ya!